Big Blanco

Ready for the spotlight, but not new to the industry, is rapper & songwriter Michael Cruz, also known as Big Blanco. Since he was a teenager, Blanco always had a way with words, and that always made him stand out. Add to that his singing voice and his style, you can not forget Big Blanco and his music. Big Blanco first found his niche for rhyming through a close friend who was into freestyle and battle rap in middle school. The more he listened, the more he got curious and tried his hand in it. Which led to getting his name. He stood out amongst his peers as the fresh, dressed to impress, big guy with bars. Since he is biracial with half Puerto Rican heritage, Big Blanco became his brand. One thing about Blanco that made him stand out then and still now is his style and his voice. Blanco can both sing and rap, and there's no way you can forget him.