Shakima The Goddess 


Shakima The Goddess is a Triple Threat. Multi-Talented and inspired by her Dad that raised her; the late Alonzo Brown.

Alonzo taught Shakima to play the keyboard when she was 5 years old then she ventured off into singing, writing poetry and songwriting. He was a bass player for "Harold Williamson and The Wandering Souls" gospel group. Shakima and Alonzo both performed at the Atlanta Gospel Extravaganza in 2015, a very magical moment where they harmonized in both instruments.

Shakima The Goddess is the Founder of PFF Entertainment.

She grew up in “Crooklyn”, New York and went to “The School of Hard Knocks”. She compares herself to the characters “Lil Orphan Annie”, “Cinderella” and “Superwoman”. Both of her biological parents passed away while she was a tender age. Life was not easy since day 1. She overcame childhood and domestic abuse, her family struggled financially while growing up in the hood and the struggle continued throughout adulthood when she became a single mom of 3.

She's been told she makes "the struggle look easy" hence the "Superwoman" in her overcame many tumultuous obstacles during her life’s journey towards her musical success today. She was partially raised by her grandmother, Ophelia Dillard, with happy family morals and values even though it was extremely dysfunctional when she went back home.

The name “Put Family First“ is adopted from her mother's side of the family where she discovered her singing ability